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Month: April 2016

Talk Story to Me: Episode 010: I Saw the Light

Saturday was a great day out with James, and we had the pleasure of watching two movies. I Saw the Light was one of them. Here are my thoughts.


Now unlike most of my reviews, this one wasn’t a single take. I had to go back and redo it because of my cats and some technical difficulties. Thor and Loki are usually mischievous, but they were particularly ornery for this review. Perhaps because we have been gone so much. Perhaps just because.

Talk Story to Me Episode 008: Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice

If there was ever a movie I wanted to like, it would beĀ Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. The movie did have some good points, but overall, there was a lot of wasted potential. Which makes me quite sad. Not that I’m willing to give up on the DC cinematic universe just yet. But they do need to get things together.

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