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The Incredible Experience of Reading a Good Book

Recently, I discovered Wattpad. I’ve been a part of the site now for almost three weeks. At first, I was tentative about participating, but now I enjoy it more than any other writing site I’ve been on. One of the best parts is the wide variety of works to read and comment on.

So far, most of the works that I have read are amateurish, though many have passion and heart. However, a surprising number have been excellently written, and I expect to see great things from the authors. I’ve enjoyed it a great deal.

But what surprised me even more was when I took some time off from critiquing and curled up with a classic. After seeing so much bad writing, seeing that incredibly written classic revitalized me even more. For writers and critiquers as well as reviewers, it’s important to regularly read well written works to help remember the standards as well as to see how skilled and experienced authors handle their stories. It’s refreshing, and it brings a whole new love for literature.

The site is in process of being updated, and I think it’s starting to look good. More updates will be forthcoming.

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